An important component to this initiaitve is ensuring we have appropriate policies and practices in place to ensure safe and responsible use of digital learning devices and online behaviours. During 2014, School Councillors and the Digital Learning Committee set about reviewing and enhancing the School Policy on Cybersafety. We have changed the name from Cybersafety to CyberSmart as there are so many positive aspects to the use of ICT, that we wanted to encapsulate as much as possible. Please feel free to enhance our policies further if we have missed anything. Our policies are reviewed annually, but we have the ability to review earlier if needs be.

To compliment the CyberSmart policy, our Year 6 (2014) ICT leaders devised some 'Consequences of Innappropriate Behaviour' to support the implementation of this initiaitive and put a solid framework for staff to work with, should there be any mis use or inappropriate use. Please look over this document below, and again, if you can enhance it, we welcome your feedback.